Mashal: ‘We need a common vision for the Palestinian national project’

Khaled Mashal, former head of Hamas’ politburo, called on leaders of Palestine’s faction to develop a “common vision for the Palestinian national project.”

In a video conference during the Fifth Palestinian National Security conference held by the Gaza Centre for Studies and Strategies on Thursday, Mashal said that “The Palestinian cause is experiencing an unprecedented decline at all levels, and we need a common vision to revitalise it.”

He added: “According to this vision, we would define the goal of our project and put forward a common vision about the homeland, Jerusalem and the issues of prisoners, the struggle and settlement projects, and we will decide on how to deal with our regional and international surroundings.”

He also stressed the need to “unify Palestinian ranks and Palestinian national institutions”.

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Mashal pointed out that his movement “strived for reconciliation and sought to do so since the beginning of the schism with Fatah in 2007.”

He continued, “We are putting all of our energy into achieving reconciliation, and I would like to say: we should not miss this opportunity as this is a shared responsibility.”

He also insisted the need to “address the causes of division and alleviate the Gaza Strip’s sufferings,” stressing the need to lift the government procedures that are imposed on it.

On 12 October, Fatah and Hamas signed a Palestinian reconciliation agreement under an Egyptian support.

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In reference to this Mashal said: “Achieving the Palestinian national goals requires the existence of a “unified and common management to confront the occupation, for resistance, and for the political decision.”

He added: “All the power cards are available. The political and diplomatic cards and the work on the political scene is excellent, but they do not preclude resistance. In addition, as we will be partners in the management of the resistance, we must likewise be partners in the management of the political decision.”

Mashal warned of the projects that are being passed to liquidate the Palestinian cause within the so-called “the deal of the century”.

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He also explained that this deal seeks to give legitimacy to the Arab countries’ normalization with Israel, by saying: “Some countries have been dealing with Israel as a friend, not as a part of the problem.”

He pointed out that the status and priority of the Palestinian cause has seen a clear decline in “the region and the international community.”

Mashal attributed this to several reasons, most notably “the conflicts in the region, the state of failure and weakness that hit the national institutions, especially the PLO.”

Mashal continued: “There are also differences between us which reached the point of division 10 years ago, as well as the regress of the resistance status in the mind of the Palestinian leaders and the decline of conviction and the ability to combine resistance and politics.”

Concerning the centennial of the Balfour Declaration, Mashal said: “That promise will remain a crime and a disgrace to those who issued it, and those who celebrate it today.”


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