Elliott waves crypto analysis – Rebuy bitcoin around 8605.06


Rebuy bitcoin around 8605.06

Wave Analysis

So far, no significant move has been seen on this crypto, Bitcoin made a very slight move to the lower side but is still above the 4 hour support level 8605.06. We expect Bitcoin to trade within a tight range, not going above 8605.06 or below 10023.03. If either of these levels are broken, then we expect a rally towards the direction of breakout. On the 4 hour chart above, the best place to buy Bitcoin is upon a break above 10023.03 or a rebound from 8605.06. In either case, the anticipated bullish price rally will be the continuation of both the impulsive waves (v) and (c) to the upper side but should not go above 11654.03.

Trade Recommendations:

Rebuy bitcoin around 8605.06

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